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Brief introduction about the game STARBLAST

Starblast is a multiplayer shooting game created and developed by Neuronality that can be played on the original site http://starblastgame.tk/
The main premise behind the base game involves navigating a player-controlled ship being piloted through an asteroid filled map. The asteroids can be broken either by being shot or rammed by the player which will, in turn, yield gems. These gems can either be used to upgrade the player's ship, buy secondaries or when the gem cargo is filled, upgrade to one of two higher tier ships. There are currently 7 tiers of ships in Starblast throughout which 32 different ships can be found. (not counting the modding space ships.) The newest ships are FuryStar (Tier 5), Bastion (Tier 7), Vanguard (Tier 4) and Marauder (Tier 6). Originally there were 21 ships, in 2016, when the game came out.

There are currently four game modes available to be played via the main menu; Survival, Team mode, Deathmatch, and Invasion. Matches of these four game modes will be automatically started and joined when a player selects their respective option from the main menu. Alternately, players that either own the standalone or an ECP will be able to create custom matches that act the same as automatically generated matches other than the fact that certain parameters can be altered and the resulting server can only be joined via a direct link. There is also a mod editor that will allow use of player made ships, also an ECP only feature. The main screen also features Modding space where community-made mods can be played by anyone


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