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indicators and how to upgrade your spacecraft so effectively in STARBLAST

Upgrades allow players to improve their ships in Starblast.io.

These upgrades increase a ship's combat and mining capabilities. Once the minimum requirement for a single upgrade has been reached, the upgrade bar will appear. Upgrades are lost upon upgrading to the next ship tier. Upgrades are purchased in order to help with reaching the next tier or to help with combat. The icons have changed to make it easier to tell what each upgrade is.

Each ship tier has a different upgrade cost:

Tier 1: 5 crystals per upgrade, each upgrade can only be purchased once.
Tier 2: 10 crystals per upgrade, each upgrade can be purchased twice.
Tier 3: 15 crystals per upgrade, each upgrade can be purchased three times.
Tier 4: 20 crystals per upgrade, each upgrade can be purchased four times.
Tier 5: 25 crystals per upgrade, each upgrade can be purchased five times.
Tier 6: 30 crystals per upgrade, each upgrade can be purchased six times.
Tier 7: Tier 7 ships do not have any upgrades and already have max stats.

There are 8 different upgrades that are bought with crystals.

Upgrade 1: Shield Capacity
Upgrading this allows your ship to store more shields.
Upgrade 2: Shield Regeneration
Upgrading this increases the number of shields restored per second by your ship.
Upgrade 3: Energy Capacity
Upgrading this allows your ship to store more energy used to fire the weapons. Some ships this is necessary for upgrading damage. For example A-Speedster you need to upgrade this if you upgrade damage.
Upgrade 4: Energy Regeneration
Upgrading this increases the amount of energy regenerated per second by your ship.
Upgrade 5: Laser Damage
Upgrading this increases the amount of damage your cannons do.
IMPORTANT Upgrading this also increases the cost to fire your lasers.
Upgrade 6: Weapon Speed
Upgrading this increases the speed at which the pulses fired by your ship move.
IMPORTANT Upgrading this will NOT increase the number of shots your ship can do in a short period of time, nor does it change the cost to fire the weapons. One exception, the Barracuda and any ship with the barracuda's dash.
Upgrade 7: Ship Speed
Upgrading this increases the ship's maximum Speed. Moving faster increases the possible crash damage.
Upgrade 8: Ship Agility
Upgrading this increases the rate at which the ship can turn and increases its acceleration/deceleration rates. You will also slow down faster if you have RCS on.

Upgrading stats in a certain order can achieve different purposes. A common example is upgrading energy regen, capacity, and laser damage before everything else so that one can mine asteroids more quickly. Leaving stats without upgrades is also a viable strategy in some scenarios, such as not upgrading laser speed while piloting a furystar if you believe the shots are fast enough already, same for if you feel the ship is agile enough. Usually, all stats being maxed is the way to go, but it is always interesting to see what changes you can make to upgrade a ship better. Upgrading a ship differs from mode to mode, in team an upgrade might be very helpful but if you use the same upgrade in Invasion you would fail hard! For example, you would upgrade bullet energy regain first for A-Speedster in Team Mode where as in Invasion you would upgrade speed first, so thinking about upgrades is very important.

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