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Pixel Warfare 5


Tab to open MENUADSW to moveE, Q to switch Weapon


Pixel Warfare 5 - this time it's a little of your game. Truly, clearly! The fifth sequel to the game is a milestone in many respects. First, it's a game, which you can personally change and build with us. All maps and their creation are in your hands through the integrated map editor that allows you to create new maps as well as edit existing maps. All are very simple and intuitive. Maps are linked to a user's account, so they can be built and improved over a long period of time. Now, when you decide to not only build maps, but also play them, you can start a room in your own map or go to another and see what others have created. If you like any alien maps, just press the "download map" button and the map will be added to your map list. You can then use the map to create a new room or open and edit it in the map editor. The second new thing is the fact, the current state allows us to work with the game for a longer time and bring more updates and improvements in the future. From time to time, we can eliminate all common problems of multiplayer games and add features according to your wishes. In addition to news, this game is produced in a minecraft pixel style, offering 10 weapons, 3 game modes (Team DeathMatch, DeathMatch, Infected Zombies),extended setup options as well as guaranteed low file size Quick Download. We have received a lot of feedback from Pixel Warfare 4, mostly negative :(, but we took it from the heart and thought. Although this fifth part is not a copy of the sequel Secondly, we hope that this time the feedback will be a little better.

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