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Strategies you should know in STARBLAST PART 1

This is a list of some basic sstrategies in Starblast.io. There are no perfect strategies or techniques, but learning these basic moves can help you get started. Feel free to add your own to this list!

The "Frag" Strategy
This strategy is one that will do one thing only, get you to the top of the leader board in no time at all. This is done well by four ships: the Side Interceptor, Side Fighter, Pulse Fighter and Pioneer (note: Y-Defender can be used but requires more skill same for Furystar and Delta-fighter). The amount of damage these four ships can pump out quickly makes them ideal for taking out ships. They are small and lower tier, which means they are easier to upgrade, very hard to hit by bigger ships with pulses, and can easily out maneuver anything besides a Fly. With this technique, I have easily gotten over 50 frags using this strategy. (Note: Don't abuse this strategy, it can make the game not enjoyable. Also, to counter this, get a heavy hitter (U-sniper, Advanced-Fighter, and Scorpion). Try to hit them as these ships have low mass. As soon the get hit and start to spin, hit them while they are spinning and they will die.

The "Death Spin" Strategy
This is a strategy used in combat. You have to have a maxed-out Pulse Fighter. Once you encounter a higher tier enemy, you ram into them. after you get knocked back you spin behind them, dodging the large bullets and allowing you to hit them. You do this multiple times until the enemy is dead. This is also frowned upon because people hate the rampaging pulse fighter. Still possible with RCS being added in but very hard, you will be better off using RCS.

Note: This strategy may no longer be effective because of RCS

Teaming Tips & Tricks
Teaming is an incredibly risky business. Teams are often known to turn on one another, for crystals, points, or other teammates. You must be careful when teaming with people unknown to be trustworthy or not because sometimes they might not be teaming with you, even if you think so. If your teammate just follows you, no matter what you do, be especially wary/ and or chase them away, because they might be waiting for you to ram a couple Asteroids or otherwise get your shield depleted, before attacking and killing you for your Crystals. Watch your map and be especially wary of groups of ships. Sometimes, it is far better to play solo than with a team.

If you mean to team for security, or just be a trustworthy ally, shoot asteroids others are attempting to mine, this will show you are serious about teaming, and not killing them. It is not recommended to fly around the map as a team, killing everyone and dominating, as this is seen as jerk-like behavior and you may regret this later when a large team attacks your team, or you are targeted for being jerks.

Note from another person: I cannot confirm if this remains viable, but it was at some point it was common to have large groups of Y-Defenders swarming in groups and killing everything, regardless of rank. This included Flies. Please don't do this, unless you are desperate to get a lot of scores. Killing flies are useless, and the most gems you get would be 20, so there is no point.

Note from a 3rd person: In regard to the above Y-Defender strategy, never do that. Ever. It is mean. Also, people may say "team" just to get you to drop your guard. I once had a team of Y-defenders attack me. However, that was a long time ago. I was trying to get the A-speedster, but I was never able to max it out.

Note from the administrator of this wiki: Teaming in Survival Mode is generally regarded as a noob tactic since you just gained another "unit" that protects you. If you team to mine or to kill someone (while outnumbering them/their team), many regard that as bad sportsmanship.

BE ALERT: some times you will get a person who wants to team with you, but sometimes those people who want to "team" with you can be sketchy, so if you feel unsafe then watch there behavior, a few sketchy things a "partner" could do are following you but not mining I find that very sketchy, especially if they are right on your tail, if they get right up on you move away because they might start shooting you and in since they are that close to you, you are vulnerable. so BE AWARE OF YOUR "TEAMMATES". Also, beware of groups on the radar flying towards you. They can kill you.


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