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Team mode in STARBLAST

Team Mode is a game mode in http://starblastgame.tk/
released on 14 April 2017. In Team Mode, you can join as one of three factions, randomly named and with random colors and facility names. Your ultimate goal is to work with your team-mates and help destroy all enemies space stations and ships

Players can upgrade up to Tier 3 before needing to upgrade the station to unlock higher tier Ships. This can be done by depositing crystals into the station depots, which takes time and prevents ships from moving while doing so. Depositing crystals also gives you an equal amount of credits, which you can use to buy pods and other secondary weapons. It is vital to upgrade the station as quickly as possible to enable the team to compete. The team that upgrades the base the fastest is often the one that coordinates most efficiently, and thus generally ends up being the winner. Coordination between players is a must in Team Mode, and it is not recommended to roam the map alone unless if you have bought many upgrades. Sticking together in large bands can decimate most competition, as groups of ships will almost always win against ships on their own. Buying lives is generally not recommended (All ships level 1-6 having 4 lives now instead of 3)as it is almost always better to deposit your crystals to the station, unless if the team has already unlocked Tier 7. Also, if you are on your last life, it may be worth it to buy an extra life to avoid downgrading, especially if the risk of being attacked is high. Upgrading the station does reward you with points, equal to the number of gems donated.

All ships before level 7 have 4 lives instead of 3. Instead of the leading team having to kill a base they just have to kill the last fly 5 times because after that point they get the "game over" screen when you lose all of your lives in invasion or lose in team or survival. Attack pods do not damage ships when you are in a depot or immune after leaving a depot as this frustrated many players on the team trying to destroy the base. You can also transfer crystals with [V] to your teammates.

In Team Mode, revenge markers are not present (though the rest of the revenge mechanic remains), and a unique algorithm is used for the initial team-joining check. All three teams are available for joining initially. The conditions for a team to be open to joining is:

Total shield + energy capacity is less than x+300, where x is the average of energy + shield capacity of all ships in all teams.
Number of players is less than ~30.
A single team is heavily dominating, in which case, the other two teams remain open.
Player skill is now factored in with the locking of teams (purpose of it is to evenly distribute the skilled players between the 3 teams to avoid massive sweeps which most people hate, even skilled players)
A maximum of ~65 players can join a non-custom Team Mode, with a maximum of ~30 per team.

The unique friendly-fire mechanism is implemented in Team Mode, where damaging shots from friendly players pass through friendly ships. Friendly collisions also damage only the ship that was thrusting against the other ship (this is mainly to avoid grieving Barracudas, which used to be a big problem). Ships that re-spawn in Team Mode is immune to all damage for 10 seconds, provided they do not fire lasers themselves(Although they can still fire secondaries without losing their invincibility). This is to help prevent spawn-camping and is indicated by the ship flashing. Crystal yield in Team Mode is also higher, with the rate being 2x, as opposed to 1.35x in Survival Mode. There is a unique system in team mode where the gem drop rate increases over the first 5 minutes from both asteroids and the center aliens that start at ~1 gem to the maximum amount of gems it will drop (asteroids drop far more gems than the aliens), the aliens give 18 as their max gem drop.

Once a space-station has been destroyed, no new players can join that team, and any existing ships in that team are immediately destroyed, and the faction is eliminated from the rest of the game. Generally, when a match has gotten to the point where a station has been destroyed, a single team is dominating. Attempting to decimate a dominating team by allying with the other team(Commonly known as Cross-Teaming) is often a good option in dire conditions. The station can now be destroyed just by destroying both the spawn ports and depots.

With the October 2019 update the team recognizes the best healer, killer and contributor in a team by a little icon by their name. They will also show up under the basic info of the said ship who has them. Also by clicking the "esc" button you can see your deaths, kills, gems donated (in team modes and team mode based mods), and current credit amount.


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